A Zap to remind you to stretch at random times of the day!

  • 14 May 2020
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I work at a computer all day - I slouch, I slump, I droop, and I stoop. It’s not long before those cricks add up that only a good stretch can alleviate.

I know myself, though - if I have a reminder to stretch at the same time every day, I’ll soon ignore it. So, I set up a Zap to remind me to stretch at RANDOM times of the day so I never know when it’s coming! It’s a lot harder to ignore surprises!

This one’s an easy set up.

  • It uses Schedule by Zapier as the daily trigger.
  • Then, there’s a first Formatter step. It uses a pick list to randomize the time of the day - I’ve set it to select a random time between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Next, it uses a Delay step to delay the Zap so you’re only notified at the correct time of day. 
  • It has one more Formatter pick list to randomly select from a list of exercise links that I found online.
  • Lastly, it sends me a Slack message that includes the exercise links.

You can check it out (and turn it on) here: https://zapier.com/shared/c05b3bc173ca41c4dbb40e4267d4f1914ece3cec

Hope this helps you too!

2 replies

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This is a great idea, thanks @MichelleS!

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Thanks @MichelleS.  I have set this up and I will report back as to try out the stretching exercises!

I was also thinking of adapting this to remind me to call randomly assigned customers.  As part of a Keep In Touch effort.