Zoho Contacts to HubSpot Leads Module

  • 22 September 2021
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Is it possible to send information that is stored in a drop down field inside of Zoho contacts to a corresponding drop down field in the HubSpot leads module. I tried mapping the fields and the only piece of information that was updated was the city and that is a open text field. None of the drop down values I changed in Zoho changed the correspondence drop down fields in HubSpot. 

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5 replies

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Is it a single select field or a multiselect field?

Please post screenshots of the dropdown list of options from HubSpot as seen in the Zap action step.

And please post screenshots of how your Zap steps are currently configured.

Hey Troy, 


The article seems to provide a work flow for transforming an expected value from one system to a defined value in the look table that is then sent to the destination however what I want is to have an exact match. The drop down has 8 possible values that could be selected and these 8 values match perfectly from Zoho to HubSpot. Example of workflow below. Is there a way to have multiple expected values to capture all the selection options. We have exact matching values the problem is we have 8 possible expected values so I need Zapier to recognize these expected values. 


Value Changed in Zoho Drop Down Value                    Sync to Corresponding HubSpot Drop Down Value 


Lead ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lead 


MQL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MQL 



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It’s doable but will likely involve a lookup table to transform the expected values between apps.

The way you can tell the expected values is by looking at the dropdown values in the Zap step config.

There is a friendly name and underneath the internal value that is expected.

Check this help article for using the Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:

Hey Troy, 


The article helped some but did not fully answer my question. What I am really looking for is a yes or no answer regarding the syncing of drop down fields (see example of drop down values above). For instance if I have a field with a list of drop down options and I change the selection in the drop down I want this to map to the exact same drop down with the exact same options in HubSpot. Most tools don’t offer a sync between drop down values only open text values. Can Zapier send and snyc changes made in Zoho’s drop down fields to HubSpot’s corresponding drop down fields, yes or no? 

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Hi @Marik 

Check this help article:

Perhaps you can post screenshots of a specific example to better convey context.