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Zaps To PipeDrive Stopped Working

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I’ve had months and hundreds of zaps work over the last several months and they all of a sudden stopped working.

I have not made any system changes and my zap just stopped working out of no where.

Here’s the error message I receive: 

Name must be given. Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.

When I look at the task history, all the data is there. I even compared it with some previous data and found no issues.

I contacted PipeDrive support and they said their system are working.

I have no idea how to get this issue resolved.

Here’s the data that is being passed:


Mary Lulu



















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Yup, I’m in the exact same situation! What to do?? I confirmed pipedrive api is working after running endpoint.

Its definitely a zapier issue.

Please help support team!

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Same here. This is critical

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Same issue here.

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i have the same

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I think we have a bug

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Same here. We are launching. Please, need a solution ASAP.

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It’s a known issue:

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Hi folks! I’m really sorry for the trouble with your Pipedrive Zaps. 


As @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu mentioned, this was an issue that has now resolved itself. We’ll be looking into why it happened and I’ll do my best to keep you updated on that. 


You should be able to replay any tasks that hit an error as the result of this issue, which you can do in your task history


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Hi folks! I’ve got a bit more of an update on this...

We've gotten in touch with Pipedrive's technical team, and they have been able to confirm that they had a brief outage, which led them to return those errors. The good news here is that this has now been resolved.

Again, you should be able to replay any failed tasks, and they should go through now. If you have Autoreplay enabled on your account, those should now be automatically played again.