Zapping email subscriptions out of klaviyo

  • 12 March 2020
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I am having trouble zapping email subscriptions from a specific list out of klaviyo. Goal is to simply zap emails from a klaviyo list to google sheets so we can activate an account for the customers.


I have a paid zapier account, so I can filter events/triggers, but I am unable to find a specific list in klaviyo.


Please help :)

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1 reply

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Hi @mm916157! So, if I’m understanding your question, you want to trigger the Zap from new email subscriptions in Klaviyo, but you only want the Zap to continue if someone is subscribed to a specific list. 

Could I ask how you’ve set up the trigger for the Zap? I know that Klaviyo only has the new event trigger, how have you got that configured in the Zap? Which event is it using? And in the ‘Find Data’ section of the trigger, when you look at the list of data that we get from Klaviyo for the sample, can you see the list there?