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Zapier to parse evernote tags to use as google sheet name and sheet name

  • 2 March 2020
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I currently use Evernote to keep a journal. I tag the new notes as follows: Y2020 & M03. I would like to use this to create a new sheet named Journal_Y2020 with sheet names M03, M04(when the first note has tag M04). Is this achievable?


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Hmm, ok.

If you have a Free account then you wont be able to add a Filter step in your Zap because you can't use multi-step Zaps.

You should still be able to make this work if you use the New tag added to note trigger. With that trigger, you can specify which tag will trigger the Zap. So you'd need two Zaps, one that triggers from the tag M03 and sends the information to that worksheet and one that triggers from M04 and sends the information to that worksheet. Hope that helps!

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Hi @neofax this should be possible as you can use conditional logic to ask the Zap to do what you need it to do.

Could I check something? Are you adding tags to existing notes, or are you creating new notes with tags? That will affect the trigger that you need to use here.

Also, could I ask what plan you're on? If you have a Professional plan or higher, then you can use Paths to do this, if not then you can create a similar kind of logic using the Filter step and two Zaps.

Basically, you'll have the filter or the path look at the tags to see if M03 or M04 is included in the list of tags, then based on that you can add the note to the relevant work sheet.

Here's a guide to using paths:

Add branching logic to Zaps with paths

And here's a help article on how to use filters to create conditional logic:

Filter by Zapier - Integration Help & Support | Zapier I hope that helps!

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I create new notes and put the tags on them. I have a free plan.