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Zapier to copy data inside an Excel file in GDrive (1 sheet) and paste the data in another file (GSheet with multiple sheets)

  • 1 August 2020
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Hi Everyone. Hope U are fine ?

New on Zapier. Trying to build an automation using Zapier-Excel-Googlesheet-Parabola to end in Geckoboard

I'll try to explain my need :

  • My trigger : each time the user saves an Excel file (1 sheet) in GDrive with a specific name (eg 01 for January, 02 for February...12 for December)
  • Can Zapier open the file - copy the data - paste the data in a specific GSheet in the relevant sheet based on the name of the trigger file (07 in the trigger-→ copy the data in the 07 Gsheet sheet) ?

Thanks and enjoy u're WE



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5 replies

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Hi @Daniel_Clementine!

I looked into this for you but I don’t think this is going to be possible. There’s a bit of flexibility when it comes to Google Drive copying files and with Google Sheets copying worksheets, but not quite in the way that you’re looking for. 

Can I ask how many rows these sheets would tend to have? If more than 20 rows I don’t know that there’s a way to accomplish your workflow.

@ikbelkirasan can you think if any clever workarounds here?

@nicksimard Thanks a lot for your kind reply 🙏🏻

Actually the sheets will have more than 300 rows 😪

Thanks for your help !


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@Daniel_Clementine you might want to look into Google Apps Script for this, I’ve done it before and used Zapier to trigger a script (via doPost or doGet) and pass in the File ID’s etc. But it’s pretty heavy javascript and not a low-code solution. 

Thanks a lot @PaulKortman 

So I need to learn to code now :-) in order to write the script

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@Daniel_Clementine I’ve had good success with the Google App Script Forums (search first) and Stack Overflow, solving my many Apps Script desired fixes. That is all outside of scope for this forum, so hopefully you’re able to find that assistance elsewhere!