Zapier Does Support HTML Image tags?

  • 1 March 2023
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Does Zapier still support images in html emails for Gmail?


I am using publicly hosted images with the <img src=”url.png”> html tag and the images do not populate in the email when testing the zap. 

I am familiar with hosting images and code. And Always display external images is on in the Gmail account I am using to test the Zap. It seems to be something on Zapier’s end and leads me to believe it is no longer supported. 

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3 replies

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Help article from Zapier:

I’ve never encountered that issue with the img tag in HTML email formats.

I’ve figured out the issue on my own. 


For anyone having trouble as there is no ‘How-To” about what Zapier allows in terms of HTML emails.


If you want to have an image in an HTML email you have to include some text with the <,img src=”url.png”> tag. There is not way to have just an image populate upon sending without any text. 

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Hi @ceb 

Good question.

Yes HTML img tags are supported in Gmail.

Make sure to use the correct version of the publicly hosted image url.

It needs to be a direct download link.

Can you provide the image you are trying to use?


You can also test your HTML on HTML viewers: