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Zapier Delay: I dont want the same zap to run again for another 2 hours

  • 9 April 2020
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Hey! Im making a zap that alerts people when new availibility happens. Everytime there is availibility a Slack message is sent and then I notify customers by Twillio.

However, when there is an availibility, the slack messages happens every 5 minutes until availibility is gone. 

Sometimes this could be an hour and it sends about 30 text messages to customers. 

How can i limit the texts to twice per day? 

Will Zapier Delay feature work for this?


I hope this is clear - if not please, i can answer questions. I urgently need to fix this!!


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Hey there! There are multiple ways to do this, and it all depends on your initial trigger (ideally you want to limit the number of times the Slack message is sent to two per day - as this will solve your issue outright),  but:


If you want to delay the trigger based on the sender’s availability - I actually think you might need to manage state here (ie. use Zapier’s storage to determine whether the message meets the two-hour criteria)

If you want to delay the trigger based on the zap itself triggering, you would need to use the Zapier Schedule feature - Yes.

If you want to ensure that a recipient doesn’t get more than two per day - I think you might be best using another app (like a CRM or Airtable) to manage state and sending eligibility

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Hi @deliveryman! @Saastronomical has some great solutions here 🙌


Just to add a little more detail to the first, would you could do is have a Zap that collects all of the availability and puts it somewhere - you could use Storage or Digest to do this, depending on the complexity of the information. Digest is a little easier to use, so lets assume that we use that, the Zap would look like this:

  • Trigger: Slack
  • Action: Digest - Append Entry and Schedule Digest (set to manually release the digest)


Then you would have a Zap that releases the digest, which would look like this:

  • Trigger:  Schedule by Zapier (set the Zap to trigger when you want the text to be sent
  • Action: Digest - Release Digest
  • Action: Twilio - Send message


I hope that makes sense - let us know if you have any questions!