Zapier could not connect to your account with Sign in to Firebase / Firestore and Project ID

  • 22 January 2021
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I want to connect my Firebase / Firestore with my Project ID

After step authentication to Pop-up  :  Zapier send a message error :

Zapier could not connect to your account.


My information

Project ID : Correct

EMail : Correct


I want to use zapier from connect Firebase to different way and other apps but this step block my workflow you can help me to resolve this little probleme thanks


- I am french MT :nerd: -

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1 reply

I have resolve my little problem ! :sweat_smile:


The problem is Cloud Firestore    dont have an existing    Collection !


Follow this Two step and Zapier accept  Sign in in to Firebase / Firestore with Project ID and Email


Step 1 :     Create a Collection in Firebase Cloud Firestore |  :scream: ( Not in RealTime Database )

Step 2 :     Connect your account with your Poject ID and Email


Now the Sign in in to Firebase / Firestore  Succefull Work


LVL :  Beginner