Zap not triggering on bulk import into Source Data

  • 30 March 2022
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I have a Zap setup that triggers when a new Record is created in one Source App and then creates it in another App.  Zap 101 type stuff.  It works when I create a single record in the Source App, however, when I import a CSV into the Source App the Zap does not trigger?  

The Zap is on, and has been on, and should trigger as a single entry triggers it.  I am on Pro Account, so I cannot see why it would not work?  Anyone have any thoughts?  


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2 replies

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Hi @montuckyMike 

Good question.

Every app is different in terms of the rules it applies to trigger a Zap.

Some apps won’t trigger for imports or bulk actions because that can cause unintended consequences such as causing throttling and hitting rate limits.

What is your Zap trigger app?


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@Troy Tessalone  The App I am using is most likely unknown - NowCerts - I will reach out to their support team.  Almost all of my requirements with them have been outside of their scope.  However, they have made updates for me which has been very useful!  

My guess is it is a bulk issue.  Which would make sense for how other users use their system.  I will give them a holler!