Zap isn’t creating new Trello card when event is added to Google Calendar

  • 2 September 2021
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yesterday I made a zap recipe like this: 

Trigger: everytime a new google calendar event is made in a google account 

Actions: create a new trello card of thay event in a specific list in a specific board. 

The zap test went well, the trello card from a test event I made in google calendar was successfully created. I put the zap on, and then I create a new event in the google calendar to test the zap out again after I turn it on. It was yesterday, and until today no trello card related to the test event is created by the zap. The zap history also empty. 


Is there anything I’m missing? This is my first zap and I’m using the free plan. Thanks a lot! 

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3 replies

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Hey @awk-med, welcome to the Community! :)

I’m really sorry your Zap has stopped working here. I did some digging into known bugs for the Google Calendar integration but I’m not seeing any open issues reported for Zaps not triggering when new events are created. 

This will definitely require some further investigation so I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team. They will be able to take a look into your account and investigate why the Zap is no longer triggering. The best way to reach them is through the Get Help form

Hi there! So the zap is 1 step only: a new event in google calendar will trigger a trello card. The zap test went well, the trello account has full auth, but when i turn the zap on, and create new event in google calendar, no trello card was made even after a day..

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Hi @awk-med 

One area to check within Trello is the permissions on a board or workspace which may stop you from creating a new board in a particular list for example.

When authenticating your Trello app in Zapier, make sure the authenticated user has full permissions and this should alleviate this issue.

Also, currently on the free plan of Zapier this only allows for single step Zaps, meaning Trigger and Action only. Any additional steps would require an update to the account to run successfully.


If you have any additional information this zap set up please feel free to add any additional information and I would be happy to take a look.


Regards, Michael