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YouTube uploads marked for violating community guidelines

  • 24 July 2021
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I just started with Zapier to automatically upload new videos to my youtube channel. These are timelapse videos of the night sky that are created each night. The first two videos to upload (and only two so far) have both been flagged as violating community guidelines and marked as spam. I’ve won the appeal and the videos have been re-instated, but having to appeal each video defeats the purpose of automating the upload. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to fix it?


A bit more information. This youtube channel is for an AllSky Camera. This camera continuously takes pictures throughout the night and then creates a timelapse video at the end of the night. The youtube channel is to host each night’s timelapse video for people to watch.


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Just wanted to follow up here to add that it’s likely due to the naming/description of the videos that are being uploaded.

Since only two videos had been uploaded a day apart, I wouldn’t have thought that the videos were being marked as spam due to videos being uploaded too often. Although, content that is excessively posted can be marked as spam.

Videos uploaded with the title and description set to be exactly same text, or if the title is set as the file name for the video (e.g. myvideo1.mp4), might potentially be flagged as spam by YouTube.

Ensuring your videos are well titled, with accurate descriptions and tags can help to avoid them being marked as spam on YouTube’s end. YouTube have some further details on their site that talks about what is considered as Spam here: Spam, deceptive practices, & scams policies  

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Zapier just takes care of uploading the video - the mechanism that flags videos is entirely on the Youtube side. There isn’t anything you can explicitly do in Zapier to stop Youtube from flagging videos.

My guess is, perhaps, you’re uploading videos too often?

If not, and otherwise, you’ll want to contact Youtube support about this.