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Woocommerce to Wave integration (Newbie)

  • 13 November 2019
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Hi there,

Let me first preface that I'm completely new to Zapier. I am currently using wave as a simple invoicing system.

Simply put I would like to automate online store orders to create and send an invoice to the customer and cross reference when it is paid through our current payment gateways.

Currently I have three steps in my Zap.

  1. New order in woocommerce
  2. Create Invoice in wave
  3. Find or Create customer in wave

I have tried to send a test invoice but I am getting a field error for date. I have tried to input woocommerce's order date to automatically fill the field but it isn't working. I have tried the suggested in the attachment. I may not be filling the fields correctly, as quite frankly im very new to this and am unsure in what format I should be inputting data. I have been simply using data from "woocommerce new order" to input the fields on the wave section on zapier.

issue1.PNGI have also tried searching woocommerce + wave invoice integration with zapier but could not find any resources that helped me a whole lot. If you happen to know any good resources for this that would be really helpful.

I would like to create a workflow as outlined here:

  1. An order is received via woocommerce which then generates an invoice in wave.
  2. Any non-existing customer who orders is then added to the wave system.
  3. Send these created invoices to customers who have placed an order.
  4. Take payment confirmation from Stripe and Paypal payment gateways to mark invoices as paid.

If someone could tell me what steps in the zap I would need to add to achieve this, or if I require multiple zaps for this functionality that would be great. Sorry for the long post and thank you.

Best Regards


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Hi there, @8organics, welcome to the community!

First of all, I would switch steps 2 and 3 in your Zap so that it looks like this:

  1. New order in WooCommerce
  2. Find or Create customer in Wave
  3. Create Invoice in Wave

You can then use the Customer ID from the second step in the Create Invoice step. You might need to use the Customer ID as a custom field - here's a guide on that!

From the error message that you posted, it looks like it's the date field is causing some trouble. Take a look at the date in the create invoice step, it looks needs to have the format YYYY-MM-DD (eg 2019-11-18), is that how it's coming from WooCommerce? If it's not then you'll need to add a step into the Zap to convert the date. To do that, add a Formatter by Zapier step and choose the option to work with date and then choose the date Formatter. Here's a link to a guide on using the Formatter for date formatting.

Then for the second part of what you want to do, you'll need a second Zap. One that triggers from payments from Stripe or PayPal (you'd need a Zap for each of those) and matches it to the invoice ID in wave to mark it as paid.

I hope that helps!