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Woocommerce and Copper via Zapier: Error 422

  • 16 February 2021
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We are trying to automatically communicate Woocommerce and Copper via Zapier.

We have already set up some parameters, tags and custom fields as dropdown format in Copper that our zaps don't seem to convert properly.

We want to fill a dropdown currency parameter on Copper consisting of EUR, USD, GBP or AUD.  Woo-commerce sends this information via the tag “Currency”, which is exactly EUR, USD, GBP, AUD. When we try to link the Copper parameter with the woocommerce export field, we get the 422 trouble error. This doesn’t happen if, instead of filling a dropdown parameter, we fill a plain text field. It is important for us to filter the currencies with a parameter, not a string.

Any suggestion? Many thanks!


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7 replies

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Hi guys,

The issue is sorted. That was SUPER helpful :-)


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This seems to solve the issue! Let me test it today and get back to you with the final answer.

Thank you so much.


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it looks like the dropdown has unique identifiers for each option. The pretty value is USD or EUR but the accepted dropdown value would be the grayed numbers below so USD = 1532459 and EUR=1532460. To map into this field dynamically, you should include a lookup table before this step to translate between the two values.. 

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@GetUWired @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu Thanks for your time.

See below. In the “Custom fields Usual Currency”, we send the Currency field from Woo-commerce into a string field in Copper. This one imports fine and works fine.


However, we want to send the Currency field from Woo-commerce into the “Custom fields usual currency [par.]”, which is a parametric dropdown value with several currencies. When we configure it as the screenshot shows, we get the 422.

See below the available parameters on Copper:


We have tried to use ‘’, the Formatter, and other tools, but we are probably missing something.



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Can you share additional screenshots of the field configuration? 
You said you get the error when passing in the Currency parameter from WooCommerce but not if you just type in say ‘EUR’

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Hey there, Andrew,

See attached a screenshot of the error message.


Thank you for your help :-) Let us know if you need anything on our end.

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Can you show us a screenshot of the error message?