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Will switching to 2FA affect my Zoom accounts configured in Zapier?

  • 18 March 2020
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I’ve got Zoom accounts configured for everyone on my team (approximately 40 people) in Zapier. We would like to flip the switch in Zoom to enable 2FA. I’m curious, is that going to cause grief for all of the accounts I have configured?


Best answer by Danvers 23 March 2020, 12:45

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4 replies

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Hi @donovanwatts! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this!


I’ve checked with our Support Team and adding 2FA to your Zoom account shouldn’t affect your Zaps. If you do go ahead with the switch, please double check your Zaps afterwards to be sure. 


And as a reminder, it’s important that you only connect one Zoom account to your Zapier account; if you have more than one Zapier account connected to your Zoom account, this can cause connection issues. 


​I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!


[Edit: A correction on connecting Zoom accounts to Zapier.]

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Hi @Danvers thanks for answering my question.

That’s a relief to hear that adding 2FA to my Zoom account shouldn’t affect my Zaps.

It’s your reminder that concerns me. I already have about 13 separate Zoom accounts configured in my Zapier account and I intend to add another 30 or so, one for each of the researchers I work with. The Zaps are working great thus far and I’m able to have Zapier create Zoom meetings on their Zoom accounts w/o any issues. Should I be experiencing any issues? If so, why? And why haven’t I experienced any issues thus far?

I thought the whole point of being able to configure multiple apps in Zapier was so that I could do things like this. Any clarity you can bring to why it’s important to only connect one Zoom account is most appreciated.

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Hi @donovanwatts I’m really sorry for the confusion here - this one is on me!

It’s not that you can’t have more than one Zoom account connected to Zapier, it’s that you can’t connect a Zoom account to more than one Zapier account. Each Zoom user/account is only allowed to have a single OAuth token and if you try to make a second connection, it deletes the original authentication. 


I hope that clears things up!


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Gotcha. Good to know.

The solution I cooked up has turned a process for our team which took them approximately 2 minutes to create a Zoom session down to 20 seconds. We schedule Zoom meetings a lot as we use Zoom to conduct interviews for user research. With my solution, we are on track to save 20-30 hours per week!

So, I’m happy to know that I’ve built it on a solid foundation. You had me concerned for a minute.

Thanks for clarifying. Now, back to adding the rest of the team.