Webhook wont catch data from Phonesites page

  • 16 April 2020
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Hi all!  Hoping I can find a little help here.  Im trying to make a webhook to pull in some form data from a page, and eventually add that info to an existing campaign within Highlevel.  Im stuck with trying to get the test to pull in the data from my form.


I followed all the directions here :

^^this has worked in the past.  The problem I am finding today is that after I have copied the webhook address into phonesites, and saved to make sure it’s live, and then filled out a dummy version of the form and submitted it, I then go back to zapier and the test pulls in more data.


there is a little more weirdness going on, but its a bit hard to explain.  I’ll give it a go. 

I eventually got frustrated, after having refreshed, exited the web pages and then re-opened them, made sure my changes were saved on the phonesites page, making sure the webhook address was correct etc.etc.and I clicked to skip the test...Then, when I went back to the “find data” tab (just to check if I could test again), it now stated that it HAD INFACT pulled in a sample from teh webhook, when I tried to select it it informs me that since I have skipped the step it wouldn’t verify the data that it had pulled in (something to that effect).


In addition I copied, and then deleted all together the zap and made a new one, it is having the same problem (yes I updated the webhook address when I made a new one).  Im really frustrated at this point and don’t really know what else to try.  Thank you for any suggestions!



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Hi Josiah,

I see that you’ve written to our Support team and they have responded with some directions and also some questions. Please continue the conversation there, since they’re able to dig into your Zaps :)

If it’s at all possible for you to update this thread once they’ve resolved that for you, it would be much appreciated! That way, anyone else who finds this thread will be able to benefit from the answer.