We didn’t retry XX Tasks because the Zap has changed too much (Shopify > Xero)

  • 3 June 2020
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I’ve just launched a site that is taking orders from Shopify and creating invoices for them in Xero. We hit a snag where some orders got held when going live, so I’ve had to edit the feeds a little bit to get them working again.

I now want to re-run the held tasks so that I can get them sent through correctly, without failing.

Hitting ‘re-run’ gives me the ‘We didn’t retry XX Tasks because the Zap has changed too much.’ error, which I understand happens because it’s trying to re-run the old zap and see’s that it has changed so stops.

Is there something I can do to get them to re-run as if they had just come in, and forget about the old zap, or is this something Zapier could do for us?

If all the held tasks got deleted, would Zapier act as if they had never been ran, and when going back to check for new orders in Shopify, run them as new?

Thanks, Harry.

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2 replies

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Circling back on this thread, here is what Arvind said:

It looks like some changes were made to the Zap that caused it to"diverge" (which is Zapier speak for "change too much from it's original form") and this can happen in case of (a) the addition/removal of steps in a Zap and (b) changing the apps that comprise the steps in the Zap

Any chance that you could export some of those orders that we errored out on into a spreadsheet? If you can do that then we can use the technique outlined here: to replay a Zap which is an exact replica of "Shopify > Xero: Create Invoice from order (Non-tax exempt / Paid shipping)" minute the trigger (which would be a Google Sheets one). 

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Hi @tmHarryFrancis ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry you are encountering that error!

I can see that your team is working with Arvind from Support, who has sent over some questions along with a potential solution.

Can you confirm that you received that email? Sometimes we get caught in Spam, but a quick search of “Zapier” in that folder should do the trick!

If you are not seeing Support’s correspondence, please let us know and we will get you sorted!