Wait or delay Zap to prevent duplicate Freshdesk tickets being created

  • 1 September 2021
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Not sure how to go about doing this, but here’s my trigger/Zap along with what I want to fix. This is a zap going from Airtable to Freshdesk

1] When a record is modified in Airtable (Checked via last modified)

2] Create a new ticket in Freshdesk

Works almost exactly as intended. However, if a customer is editing multiple fields in the same record, we get multiple tickets. Edit 5 fields? We’re getting 5 new tickets.


Is there a way to suppress ticket creation, so, for example, a customer could enter in data for a record (Maybe give them 5-10 minutes at a time) before sending a ticket over?

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3 replies

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Perhaps try using Airtable Forms as the point of entry for data:

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That might be a possible solution! We want Freshdesk to be updated either when a new record is created, or when an existing record is updated. Of course, some customers are importing directly into airtable, while others are typing directly into the spreadsheet… So if they’re doing the latter you’d get 3 new tickets as they fill in info :cold_sweat:

Just thinking out loud here, would it be easier to create a Zap just for new records, and then a separate one for updated records?

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Hi @Toast 

You may want to use New Record in View as the Zap trigger instead of Airtable New/Updated Record. (e.g. w/o a Freshdesk Ticket ID, see below)

Try adding a Delay After Queue step to your Zap:

You’ll also likely need to build in some logic to handle different use cases, possibly using Paths:

One suggestion, would be to use the Airtable Update Record to update the Airtable Record with the Freshdesk Ticket ID, then configure the Zap logic to recheck the the Airtable Record (Find Record) and filter/paths based on whether the Freshdesk Ticket ID exists.


Possible Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: Airtable - New Record in View (w/o Freshdesk Ticket ID [may need additional Filters])
  2. Action: Delay - After Queue
  3. Action: Airtable - Find Record (use record ID from Step 1)
  4. Action: Filter (check if Airtable Record does NOT have a Freshdesk ID)
  5. Action: Freshdesk - Create Ticket