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We just launched with Wealthbox and want to switch to VoIP. Does anyone have experience using Zapier with 8x8 or Ring Central? What can Zapier do for us. Some VoIP provider I never heard of (Intulse) is integrated with WB without Zapier. If we can achieve similar integration through Zapier I would rather have a name VoIP provider?

Thanks is advance!

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Hey @tomdee!

Just wanted to check in to see if you’d seen Troy’s latest reply? Were you able to get a workflow set up between the VoIP app and Wealthbox using Zapier?

We’d love to hear how you got on with this so please let us know! :)

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Placing a call over VoIP form within the CRM wouldn’t involve Zapier, that would involve a native integration between Wealthbox and the VoIP app.

Think of Zapier as working behind the scenes to transform and transfer data between apps.

Let’s use RingCentral as an example with Wealthbox…

You’d have to outline each of your desired workflows to automate in order to evaluate if their Zap app integrations support the desired functionality.

Zap Steps
NOTE: There may need to be additional steps involved based on the fully defined project requirements for each workflow.

  1. Trigger: RingCentral - Call Ended
  2. Action: Wealthbox - Find Contact
  3. Action: Wealthbox - Create Note



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For example @Troy Tessalone, when we place a call with VoIP app, we would want to have a note created in the CRM automatically. We would like to be able to place a call over VoIP from within the CRM. That sort of thing.

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All depends on what you’re trying to do with the integrations/automations of the apps involved.

The links show the available triggers/actions/searches to help you understand what should be possible to configure between the apps.

Do you have workflows outlined for automations you’re trying to configure?


  1. Trigger: [APP] - [EVENT]
  2. Action: [APP] - [EVENT]
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Thanks, Troy, I read those before posting. Since I do not use Zapier or VoIP, they mean little to me, which is why I am hoping to hear from someone with specific experience in this integration area.

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Hi @tomdee 

Check out the available triggers/actions/searches for apps.



You can search available Zap app integrations for Phone & SMS here: