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👋🏽 Hi, I’m Todd, a product designer at Zapier. 

I’m conducting early research around user needs for Zap version history. In particular, I’d love to talk with users who have run into the following situations: 

  • Wanted to edit a Zap without turning it off
  • Wanted to fix a Zap by restoring to a “good state” from the past
  • Collaborate with other people on shared Zap and need to know who changed what

If you’ve ever created a workaround to address these situations on your own, I’m especially interested to hear from you!

I’m opening up some spots on my calendar for quick conversations. In these 30 min Zoom calls, we’d talk about your particular situation and what an ideal experience might look like. 

Interested? Grab some time on my calendar!

If you have questions, thread them below and I’ll try to answer as best I can. :)


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@Troy Tessalone Thanks! I hadn’t come across that yet :)

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@toddmoy I submitted a support ticket the other day suggesting this…


SUGGESTION: Add a Zap Activity Log.

This would include timestamps of when:

  • a Zap was Created (and if created from a copy or shared)
  • in Draft
  • turned ON/OFF (manual/automatic),
  • Title renamed
  • Step added/deleted
  • moved to/from Folder
  • moved to/from Trash
  • etc.

The purpose is to help with troubleshooting.