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Using Google Sheets formulas on rows created by the Zap

  • 21 June 2021
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I use zapier to track tips for my fleet of drivers since my logistics software doesnt support it for some reason. The drivers name can only come in as some very long code that I have to translate. I made a new sheet with a simple table that connects the Driver ID and the human readable name. 

=iferror(vlookup('Data Ingestion'!A2,'Driver Keys'!$A$2:$B$45,2,false),"")

The “A2” value should go up to A3 and A4 and so on…

When zapier enters a new row, every single one of my formulas “AX” value gets bumped out of place. So A2 that is trying to refer to the corresponding A2 on another sheet now refers to A3.

My theory is that since zapier enters a new row instead of filling the next row, it tricks google sheets into adding one to everything every time a new row is entered.

Whos bright idea at Zapier was it to enter data like this? You cannot refer to data entered by zapier in a formula because of this. Makes the entire thing useless


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Hi @jackluis 

Check out this related Topic:

Also, consider looking into using ARRAYFORMULAS in your GSheets to make the formulas dynamic: