Use Typeform Response Lookup to find a specific response (and ignore others)

  • 23 June 2023
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I’ve set up a Zap that includes the Typeform Response Lookup function to find the responses submitted by an individual customer.  The heaving lifting for the lookup is in the ‘search for responses that include the specified string’ function, which is uses the respondents order number.

This works well, except that due to the responses typically returning quite a bit of numerical data, more than one response can be returned.

For example where an answer to another question that does not relate to order numbers includes the specified string, that set of responses has also been returned.  For example where the lookup searches for the string ‘1061’ a response including the below is unintentionally caught:

‘Q. Please your state your license number’

‘A. GB1210618LB’

Is it possible to make the ‘search for responses that include the specified string’ function more granular so that only one (correct) response is returned?  Can the string be limited in length (order numbers are only 4 digits long) for example?

Any help, much appreciated.


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Hey @Christian Mc!

As far as I’m aware, unless the action provides any additional fields that would allow you to limit what gets returned, that’s not going to be possible.

I was going to suggest looking into one of these options…


… but upon checking the Typeform API docs, it looks like what you’re asking for may not even be possible:

Meaning that even if you tried one of those options, or contacted our support team with that feature request, it doesn’t appear to me that Typeform provides a way to further limit what is returned in that lookup.

You may want to contact their support team to see if they can confirm that!