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Updating/Creating records in custom entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • 30 July 2021
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Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out if I can use Zapier to update or create records in custom entities or fields in our Dynamics 365 CRM. I’ve been tasked with investigating this as we have many different Zaps we need to create using Dynamics, but at the moment it doesn’t look like they will be possible as we can’t update specific custom entities as most of the ones we use we have built ourselves. I hope I’m wrong, so please let me know if there’s any way we can do this. 

I’m aware of the ongoing issue when connecting Dynamics accounts to Zapier as I also can’t connect, so I’m not sure if it might let me change custom entities after all, once my account is successfully connected?

If this isn’t currently a feature, do you think it could be added in the near future?

Many thanks in advance for your help


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4 replies

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Thanks for your response @nicksimard, I really appreciate your honesty on the matter. I shall continue my research elsewhere :)

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Hi @robynh!

I’m not really able to give you an ETA or timeframe, but I probably wouldn’t advise you to count on this being supported in the near-ish future. We’re doing work on other aspects of the Dynamics 365 integration, but I don’t know that this will be included in the work. Not the answer you want to hear, or that I want to give, but I’d hate to give you false hope rather than giving you a chance to find an alternative solution to your challenge :)

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Thank you @nicksimard, do you happen to know the likelihood of it happening? Aka how many votes it takes for implementation? I just need to let my team know if it’s worth considering Zapier in the near future or not. Is there a timescale you could give me? 


Many thanks!

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Hi @robynh!

I just checked this for you, and it looks like custom entities are not supported at the moment in Dynamics 365. We do have an existing feature request, and I’ve added your vote for that. Once it’s been implemented, you’ll receive an email notification.

Edit (May 18, 2023): The main topic relating to this feature request can be found here:

Please subscribe to that topic to be informed of any news or workarounds we may find!