Update ticket in Zendesk when Task Changes in ClickUp - how to Find Ticket

  • 30 June 2021
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I created a flow so when a ticket is opened in Zendesk a task is created in a ClickUp list, I would like when I move the task between the list statuses that the status is changed within Zendesk, for example when I move the task to "done" in ClickUp, the status is changed to "resolved" in Zendesk. I've tried it in every way but I couldn't find a way to link tickets via a unique ID. It may be necessary to perform a search through a query, but I couldn't do it, I need help.



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2 replies

Hi @Troy Tessalone ,


To explain better, I created ticket number 115 in zendesk, created a zap to create a task on clickup, and the task was created, as follows:


My problem is, what setting do i use to create a zap where when moving the task in the clickup list it reflects the zendesk status? follow down where i'm standing:

I understand that I need to find the ticket first and then update it, but I don't know how to do the find step.

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Hi @ravillela 

Try these steps in your Zap:

Action: Zendesk - Find Ticket (will return the Ticket ID when found)

Action: Zendesk - Update Ticket (map the ID from the previous step for the Ticket to update)