Update item on board when Typeform is received

  • 18 May 2023
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Hi all,

I am trying to setup an automation so that once a typeform is completed an update is made to the item with matching name and email as the typeform submission. 

Current structure:
Trigger: Typeform Submission Received
Action: Get Item by Column Value in
Action: Create update in 

My issue is that it needs the ID (which needs to be dynamically matched to the name/email) and then provided to Zapier so that it can create the update.

For some reason on Get Item by Column Value in it only shows me the following results and not Item ID or anything ( setup also attached)

Trying to sort this today as its taken up 2 days already but any help or alternative setups would be greatly appreciated


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Hi @freedomdoran 

Good question.

Try this…

For Step 2, select the column you want to search by.

Then enter the value you want to search for in the column.

Leave this field blank, which will return all the fields as indicated by the field description.