Update Hubspot line items when PandaDoc is sent or completed

  • 1 December 2021
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I am looking to have my deal’s line items in hubspot updated with the appropriate amounts, values, discounts etc.  I think I may just be using the wrong steps or not enough action steps as I am continually getting errors.

Current Zap

-PandaDoc Trigger - Document Status Changed in PandaDoc

-Hubspot Action - Find deal in Hubspot

-Hubspot action - Update line-items in hubspot

I saw on some other threads I may need to create an association possibly?

Currently the native integration sends line items and other variables into PandaDoc so there is already an association.

Any guidance on action steps or object ids would be very helpful!



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4 replies

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Hey @SimonK just bumping this again! How did you make out? Did looping do the trick for you? Let us know!

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Hi @SimonK 

If you have 1+ line items, then try using the Looping app in your Zap:


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@SimonK checking in here - were you able to get things sorted out with your Zap by utilizing Looping as Troy suggested? 

I also want to make sure we’re understanding the issue here so we can make the best suggestions. Can you share more about what you mean by “associations” and how you’re looking to interact with object IDs? 

Let us know - definitely want to help you get this Zap up and running!

I will take a look at the looping!

I had this zap up and running but shut it down as I couldn’t get my custom line items to transfer and it caused some laziness from reps.

I’ll take a look at the looping and get back to this thread.  Thanks for bumping this!