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Trying to use Google Calendar to overcome Calendly - Pipedrive limitations

  • 5 November 2020
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So we're trying to connect Calendly and Pipedrive with Zapier, so whenever a new event is created, a person and a deal are added to Pipedrive.


The problem we're having is that Calendly only trigger the zap when a new invitee is created but we have two different calendars and two different funnels, but in Zapier there’s no distinction between them, it just sees a new invitee and it goes to the first funnel. 


I'm trying to overcome this setting up a zap between Google Calendar and Pipedrive so whenever a new event is added I can create a person in Pipedrive but I am having trouble figuring out which field in the event created I can use to create the person, specifically the name and email of the person because when I’m trying to set things up, the options in Zapier includes name and emails of both people attneding the event, the creator/organizer (me) and the invitee (the person that I want to add to Pipedrive).


Does anyone know anything about this or have you ever tried or have any tips that I can use?


So much appreciation for any help I can get


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4 replies

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No need to use GCal, just add a Filter step to filter by Calendly Calendar in the Zap:



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I would add a path and based on the URL query (from which website/social Media) the lead came you can "funnel" the lead into your CRM. 


We can fix this in no time for you just book a short call. 



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Hi @CuentasOK, did we answer your question in this topic? Please let us know by marking Best answer if so. If not, let us know by replying back to this topic.

Thank you!

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The filter did a great job, thanks @Troy Tessalone !