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Trying to set up a task to tie Dialpad to Freshservice

  • 13 January 2021
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 I just starting using Zapier, so very much a beginner.  I was trying to tie Dialpad to Freshservice so that when a text message was received to a department it would create a ticket in Freshservice.  I connected dialpad and Freshservice and got to the point of testing it.  (I had just filled out the Fresh service ticket item fields).  When I click test I get an error message that says : 

Cannot read property 'field_type' of undefined


Which I am not sure what it is referring to or where to look to try and resolve it.  Are you able to point me in the right direction please?





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Hi @Mike.Monteiro!

I can see that you reached out to the Support Team on this and they were able to share some information with you about the error.

If anyone else is running into a similar issue, here’s what they said:

I'm actually not precisely sure what field it's calling out in the error message either, since we don't get that info back in our logs. But, it looks like there is a wider issue here in that we're not able to pull in the custom fields for the Freshservice ticket. My hunch is that some of your custom fields might even be required - and we're not able to pull them in, therefore Freshservice is like, "Wait, you didn't give us info for XYZ required field so we're going to show this error!"

I know that others have run into this as well, so I have added you as an affected user to our outstanding issue report about this. This helps to raise the priority of the issue, and makes it more likely that the Freshservice team can get this one sorted out more quickly. We'll also send you an email so that you'll be in the loop as soon as a fix is released!

In the meantime, some possible things to check are:

1) Do you have any custom fields in Freshservice that are required? If so, maybe try toggling those off and see if you can send a test through.

2) Does the account connected have full admin permissions? Are there any fields that can only be edited by certain levels of admins?

I haven't seen anything in our notes of other workarounds done by others to get around this, so I will warn that I'm throwing darts in the dark here, but wanted to see if either of these things might be the case, and if it's possible to get you up and running ...