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trigger zap when specific value doesn't exist in google sheet

  • 28 April 2020
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I am currently using Zapier to store specific user events from my SaaS platform to a google sheet (for a variety of reason.)  I’d like to create a Zap that will be triggered when eventX occurs. 

The Zap will look in the google sheet to see if eventY has also occurred for the same user and if not, it will send an email notification.  

I’m new to the Zapier find row for google sheets.  I’m hitting a brick wall as the Zap “halts” when it attempts to find eventY in the google sheet and that event doesn’t exist.  Is there a way to get the Zap to NOT hault when it cannot find the lookup value?   Or, is there another way that you’d suggest I accomplish this?


Thank you in advance!



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Hi @jstele ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that you are working with Lionel in Support on this workflow so I will let them continue to assist as they can dive into your specific Zap and provide additional detail.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any further questions- happy to help!

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It is a very exciting automated workflow for us at Cobomba #Growth hacking!


Being able to dynamically inject MS SQL user data in to a HubSpot email based on an AppCues flow is crazy powerful!

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Hi @jstele ,

Circling back to share the workflow that you were able to come up with while working with Lionel in Support:

  • Trigger: New or Updated Row in Google Sheet (you can either trigger off a new row added or when a certain column is updated)
  • (Possible Filter step, to only continue if a certain condition is met. More on Filters here)
  • Find Row via Custom Query in SQL Server (or New Row to create a new record)
  • (Possible Filter, to only continue if a certain condition is met)
  • A HubSpot action to initiate that email notification

If your Zap cannot find a value and you would like to send a Slack message, you could use :

1. Paths
2. Two Zaps- duplicating the Zap and adding a Filter step after the lookup step. One Zap will continue if a certain value can be found and the other will continue if none is found.

Let us know if you have any additional questions- always happy to help!