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Trigger sms when google sheet row/column x is changed from "empty" to "Interested" drop down selection

Hi Zapier Community,


I have a simple google sheet that has a drop down list of items to pick from in a column. It starts out blank but when a user changes the specific row/column they are working on to “Interested” I want to send an SMS notification. When setting up the zapier trigger I see the variable “Status” as a list of options but how do I get it to be triggered when column H which is “Status” is changed to Interested?


I’m using a drop down list rather than have someone type the word “Interested” to avoid typo’s. If this is possible thank you for any help! If keywords (TEXT) are the only way then I guess I can at minimum type it out manually.


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Hey there, @davgill520! I wanted to check-in and see if you were able to get this sorted? We’d love to know! 🤗

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Hi @davgill520 

Good question.

Check out this related help article:


However, I’d recommend using Airtable instead of GSheets.

  • Airtable has Views
  • Views have Filters (e.g. Status = X)
  • Views can be used to trigger Zaps

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will give this a shot. Im not familiar with AirTable but it would be something to consider.


Since everyone on the team who is using this is familiar with Gsheets it makes having this work in GSheets ideal. Thank you again!