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Trigger by Different Calendly Event Types

  • 17 August 2020
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Hey hey! I’m wondering if I can either request a feature or if someone has a workaround for me that could work.

I have two separate Event Types in Calendly. Let’s call them Event Type 1 and Event Type 2.

Zapier only allows a trigger by ANY event booking. So, no matter what kind of event someone books, the zap is triggered. This doesn’t really work for me because Event Type 1 asks different questions upon booking than Event Type 2, and I’d like to update my Airtable record for that customer based on what kind of event they booked.

I tried a workaround that finishes up the zap with a Path, where Path A > Updated Airtable record if “Event Type” was “Event Type 1” and Path B > Updated Airtable record if “Event Type” was “Event Type 2”.  This doesn’t work, however, because the trigger (ANY Calendly booking) only comes from the test trigger you pull in, so you can only pull in fields related to Event Type 1 OR Event Type 2, which means all Event Type 2 fields will never be updated in Airtable, if Event Type 1 is my trigger (or vice versa).

Any thoughts here, friends?


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2 replies

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I got this resolved:

  1. Two separate zaps, triggered by Calendly:
    1. Calendly Event Type pulled in > Filter: Only proceed if EventTypeName: Event Type 1 > Add New Row to Google Sheet
    2. Calendly Event Type 2 pulled in > Filter: Only proceed if EventTypeName: Event Type 2 > Add New Row to Google Sheet
  2. A third zap, triggered by New Row in that Google Sheet
    1. New Row in Google Sheet > Find record in Airtable (+ create Record if it doesn’t yet exist) > Update record in Airtable if it does already exist
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Whoops. Found this Community topic after posting. Can’t figure out how to delete my post here to keep things going there. But, note that the proposed solution doesn’t work, as far as I can tell.