Transfer existing subscription payment information from Ontraport CRM to WooCommerce

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Our team uses Ontraport as a CRM for managing customer communications and membership access to our WordPress site. We are moving our checkout process to Woocommerce from Ontraport’s checkout pages. My last obstacle is related to offering payment plans through Woocommerce. Currently, Ontraport keeps customer CC info on file so they can pay in installments based on 3 or 6 month periods. If payments are not made, Ontraport can revoke access to our membership site. Now that we will be offloading payments to Woocommerce, this process breaks down a bit.
I can see two scenarios playing out and I am wondering if Zapier can accommodate one or the other:
1.) If customers can pay the initial installment payment through Woocommerce, we can forward payment information on to Ontraport so that the CRM can continue to charge customers at the regular monthly intervals and restrict access if payment is not met.
2.) If CC info cannot be communicated from Woocommerce to Ontraport, we will have to manage all payments through Woocommerce but Woocommerce will have to communicate with Ontraport if a payment is missed so that Ontraport can send payment reminder/credit card update emails and remove access to membership pages if necessary.

I’m just hoping to get a clearer understand of whether or not Zapier could help in one of these scenarios. Please let me know if you need additional information to help with an answer.

Thank you!

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Hi @brysdahl 

Sometimes the best way to determine is to test to see what data points are actually returned from a trigger/action/search.

What payment provider are you using with WooCommerce? (e.g. Stripe)

For example, check out the Stripe Zap app options:

Check out the available options for these apps via their Zap integrations:




The more advanced approach would be to leverage an app’s APIs via a Webhooks step in a Zap:


Ontraport API:

WooCommerce API:


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Hey @brysdahl, hope you’re doing well!

I just wanted to check in, were you able to get things working with the info from Troy? Or can we still help out here?