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Tracking visitor information after a form submission from Webflow into Pardot.

  • 18 August 2020
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I’m running Webflow forms into a Zapier/Pardot integration. It seems to be working fine and I’m generating prospects from the submissions. BUT... i’m not able to see the page visits on the Prospect Activities window or attribute points through page actions after form submissions. 

I know the tracking tag is firing because old Prospects in the database are accruing points and populating the Prospect activities window. Their Visitor_id is attached to their prospect record because we used to use the standard Pardot form on the website.

It looks like this is a case where i’m not attaching visitor_id information to the prospect after the form submission through Zapier. Basically i get the prospect but they are in effect “opted out” of cookie tracking. 

How can i add the tracking information? Through Zapier integration i can see an “id” field with a 9 digit number but what do i do with it? 


Technical note: I’m using GTM to fire my Pardot “Website Tracking” campaign tracking code.


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5 replies

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Hello! Can you add some more colour here as to what you are hoping to do? Where are you hoping to add the tracking information?

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Thanks for the reply.

I want to see the activity record in the “prospect activity” in Pardot. I’m trying to track website page views and use point attribution. 


To do that i need to transfer visitor_id info through zapier and into the prospect record. On our old site this happened automatically because we were using native Pardot forms. 


I put in a ticket with Pardot and they replied with this article:

I think it accurately describes the problem but it doesn't take zapier into account when creating a solution. In the article solutions 2 and 3 seem to be possibilities to fix the issue. 

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Hi @zdierks ,

Thank you for the extra information. Now I don't want to direct you in any way, feel free to do this any kind of way, but it looks like you might need to hire a Zapier expert for this.

Using API's, tracking code, extra variables etc. is all no problem, but takes time and effort to get it working. This time and effort is ofcourse valuable so it would be best to go this way in my eyes.
Feel free to message me or any other expert to help you on this.



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I literally just figured this out after asking a similar question in this community…

the answer is to use Zapier’s Webhooks integration. Create a form handler in Pardot, copy the Endpoint URL and paste that as the POST URL for the Webhook. Map your field entries in the Data section and you’re done! So much easier than doing API calls or struggling with the Zapier/Pardot integration - also, it’s free.

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Great to hear @ekline ,


This is exactly what an API call is. It's calling webhook integrations with a payload to retrieve and send data. I haven't worked with Pardot before so I wasn't aware you can create this form handler in there, that is great to know!

Maybe @zdierks you will have something to use here as well.