Test & Continue in Zap Editor shifts my "place" in the Zap

  • 16 June 2021
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It’s hard to describe this behavior, but when I’m creating Zaps and I click Continue on a step, the browser jumps to lower down in the Zap, so I have to constantly scroll up to see the results of the test, for example. What I don’t like about it is that I can lose my place in the Zap if I’m not super focused. Perhaps this is a browser specific issue? Does anyone else have this issue? I’m using Chrome.

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2 replies

Hi @GetUWired,

Let’s say that I’m step 2 of my 11 step Zap. If I click on Retest & Continue in Step 2, the browser shifts down to Step 5. Maybe this is expected behavior, I don’t know.

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HI @AJRuggles 

There are two test buttons. A blue one “Test & Continue” on the right and a white one “Test & Review” on the left. 
Try clicking “Test & Review” 

It could also say Retest if you’ve tested it already.