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Teachable Course Completion Zap

  • 12 April 2020
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I’m trying to add those that complete a course in Teachable are added to an email list in Klaviyo. However, the Zap is only adding people that completed enrollment, not completed the course. Any tips?


Best answer by christina.d 28 June 2022, 21:23

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4 replies

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Hi there!

If you’re using this trigger that I’ve highlighted (Course Completed), it should only run the Zap when someone has completed 100% of the course:



Can you confirm whether that’s the one you’re using in the Zap?

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Yes. That is the one I used. It triggered the zap when people enrolled in the course even though they completed 0%

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I see that you also wrote in to our Support team and had a conversation with them. We’ve created a feature request, which the Teachable team will be able to see. Nice to see that you did find a workaround of using a filter step and making sure that the percent complete is higher than 99 :)

Here’s a question: for the person who triggered the Zap and had completed 0% of the course, can you see if they marked the course as complete? I’m not overly familiar with Teachable. Is that even something a person can do? Mark it complete without actually going through the lectures?

In this case, I’d actually recommend reaching out to Teachable. They own and maintain the integration and their support team should be able to clarify how that trigger works and whether there might be some sort of bug in your case.


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Hi friends! I wanted to swing by and update this topic. It looks like this was determined at a later date to be a true bug, where the Course Completion trigger is triggering even though the courses have not been completed.

@Milkymama, I know you were able to implement a workaround for this where Teachable Course Completed includes a %, then you can use a Filter as Step 2 to check if the % = 100. Definitely not ideal but an option in the interim while the Teachable team looks into this. I also went ahead and added you to the bug report so we’ll email you once a fix is in place along with updating the thread.

Thanks again for flagging this and we’ll be in touch with updates once we have them!