Suggestions for team event planning scheduling software/apps?

  • 16 October 2021
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Hi Everyone,

Zapier made it possible for us to scale during corona, however now we are facing some problems with the tasks our humans have to do. It is time to get rid of the spreadsheet planning, but I can not find good software that currently fits our needs. Perhaps someone here knows software that fits it perfectly.


Some background:

We do dog training in the Netherlands, the online (and some offline) things are setup great with tools like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Webinargeek etc. However the planning part is still time consuming, currently we use a spreadsheet to plan everything and I believe that this can be improved. 

So we offer online workshops that last about 2 to 4 hours. These are ‘one off’ so they are not in a series. Next to that we also offer offline courses, these start with an online theory class about dog behavior etc and then there are 6 offline in person lessons of 1 hour each week for 6 weeks (we reserve 8 possible dates incase something happens).


What are we looking for:

We want to use some kind of software where we can plan & schedule the online and offline courses. Then the next step is to ‘fill’ these shifts with the available team members so that they know when they are working. In the perfect scenario we can create ‘templates’ of the services so that they auto-plan multiple days.


Lets say I want to plan a new puppy training. I want to schedule an hour on Thursday from 6 pm till 7 pm on field 1 (we have 2 fields at the moment) for the next 8 weeks (we always reserve 2 backup dates incase team members become sick). I would like the software to block-off those 8 weeks and if there is something already planned give a notice about that.

The next step will be filling the shifts, it would be a nice extra if the hours staff worked can be exported once every month and there to be an integration with Zapier.


What I tried:

Homebase → Sadly this is unavaible in the Netherlands. When registering you have to use either a postcode in the US, UK or Canada.

Deputy → Here you can only create a template of either a week or month and not for a certain service.

Some project management tools such as Basecamp & Asana. However this focusses more on the project while we provide something that is more ‘event’ based.

Looked at a lot of ‘top 10’ Zapier posts but they seem to focus more on project management.


Hopefully someone knows a tool that does the trick.

Kind regards,



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Hi @Kevin.M 

Try checking out the available Zap app in certain categories:

Make sure to review the Zap app’s profile page to see the available triggers/actions.