Submittable Zap Address to Salesforce

  • 21 March 2022
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I am trying to create a Zap that communicates info from Submittable to Salesforce. Salesforce has very particular ways that country, city, and state codes need to be formatted otherwise it will not be inputted. Zapier support suggested I created a Vlookup table to convert the typed information from submitters to the specific codes. Does anyone have experience with this type of Zap? The vLookup table suggested seems like it would be a potentially huge project to try to create. I am not opposed to going back to Submittable and changing the way we accept information from Submitters to make this a smoother transition. 

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3 replies

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Hi @WSW 

Good question.

Here are 3 common ways to create a Lookup Table in Zaps:

  1. Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:
  2. GSheet - Lookup Row
  3. Airtable - Find Record

Thanks for your answer- I know how to make and use a Lookup table. I’m asking more here about alternatives. In this case, I would have to make a Lookup table that communicates short-answer information (with all common mispellings, capitalization, etc) to the codes for every possible state or region for the entire world. That seems like a frankly impossible task to undertake.

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If possible, best to standardize and validate data collection as much as the start of the data flow to avoid having to handle unstructured data at the end of the data flow.