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Status 400 - Trello - add member to card

  • 22 April 2020
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i'm running into problems building a zap that creates a Trello board and adds a member to the first card (can't find how to invite member to board, so i'll add them to the card as a headsup that the board is created).
Current structure:

  • Run Javascript (get info for board from softwares API)
  • Filter
  • Copy Board in Trello (I use a couple of template boards loaded with cards and power ups)
  • Find list on a board in trello (find list name on board id from previous step)
  • Find card in trello (find card name in list id and board id from previous steps)
  • Lookup table in formatter by Zapier (translates user ID's from API in step 1 to name in Trello)
  • Find Member in Trello (Searches trello for person in previous step)
  • Add Members to Card in Trello (Board ID from step 3, Member ID (or name or handle, tried them all) from step 7, List ID from step 4, Card ID from step 5)

The last step gives me the 400 error
The app returned "invalid member". This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn't in a recognized format. We made a request to and received (400) Bad Request.

As stated, I tried different formats, only first name, whole name, handle, ID code, but I get this error every time.
Can any of you spot the problem? If there is any way to invite the member to the board instead of adding to card, that would be even better.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Danvers,

thanks for your response. Good to hear I was on the right track. For now, it'll be just manually adding members to the board then. Thanks!

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Hi @Boozed It sounds like you’ve tried the right things here!


For reference, it would be the ID of the member that you would use in the ‘Member’ field of the ‘Add member to card’ step, but you said that you already tried that so it sounds like that’s not working in this case. 


I think that the trouble is that the member isn’t already on the board. It’s not currently possible to use Zapier to add a member to a board, I’m sorry about that!


We do have a feature request open for that addition and I’ve added you as another vote. We use these feature lists to prioritise updates to the integrations which we maintain and while I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, we will definitely email you if we add it in the future. :)