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Staging zapped content on Webflow

  • 20 May 2020
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How do people go about QA’ing zapped content on a staging site before publishing it to your live site (via Webflow)?

Before connecting a number of zaps to my Webflow CMS, I could preview new code & content on my site before pushing to my custom URL.

Now with Zapier set up, if I push anything to without doing the same to my customer URL, I get the following error:

“To directly publish CMS items, your staging and public-facing Collections must be consistent, so be sure to publish to all domains.”


Is there a solution to this? The best alternatives I can think of are either:

(a) only being able to preview new content/code in the Webflow editor/designer (not ideal when looping in others to do QA)

(b) have zaps save everything as a draft, then go to webflow and convert those drafts to be published, and then publish only the staging site to do QA before then publishing to custom URL


Neither seems like a great option...


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3 replies

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Hi @alavery2 ,

Just circling back to see if either of the above solutions you mentioned did the trick here! Would love to know how you solved this!

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Hi @alavery2!


I can see that a couple of our users have encountered this issue before, but unfortunately I don’t have an answer for the best way to solve it. It sounds like one of the two options that you’ve outlined would be best, though I can see how they’re not great options for you. 


Sorry that I can’t be more help!

Hi @Liz_Roberts, the solution was to change my zaps from Update Live Item to Update Item. From there, I can publish to my site and review before publishing to my main site. This solution works for now. I am not sure if it will continue to work when I have zaps that need to update live.


Thanks for reaching back out!