Staffing Agency Needs Expert Dux-Soup + CRM (mass emails-text) + ATS Integrations setup!

  • 23 March 2022
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Hello - Take us out of the Stone Ages Please!  

I am needing to get my pieces of software connected & some basic automation setup.

We are a staffing agency, professional placements only.  We market our jobs to prospects like a sales cycle basically.   Emails, text messages with MMS would be nice, but if living the dream not capable then SSM.

We want to use Dux-Soup to push data from LinkedIn Recruiter to Pipedrive CRM or any Zapier product that will automate our mass multiple emails & text multiple phone number in mass.  Minimum we get 2 emails, 2 numbers.  We were using Swordfish as well it’s a Zapier connection too, its produces’ 3-4 phone numbers and 3 emails – if a platform can manage it, we would like to keep using it. If I have to cut it loose, willing to do such.

Data merging, if we pull in folks from Linkedin that are a 1st connection, Dux-Soup will push over contact data on profile, then we will have multiple contact data to merge into profiles.

I have been advised by many that Pipedrive can do this a few ways, workflows, and Zapier can do it too. 

I don't care what we use, we have emails and text scripts for each Search we do - they are never the same messages, so whatever is easier 100% is what we want!

Then I need Zapier to move the pipeline data and details (emails, text) to my ATS Recruiterflow it has Zapier integration & an open webhook. I was advised we can push any data into Recruiterflow with Zapier & back out of it as well.

I have project laid out my tool I use now.   

Tools we use:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Zoominfo – no connection download spreadsheet.  We have a Google Drive we can load them to so Zapier can pull them over.  Or any other ideas you have! 
  • Dux Soup – we are just starting to use this to automate our Stone Age processes
  • Teams
  • Paperforms
  • Clickups
  • Calendly (we have to have it for hippo Video links as it lets folks schedule on screen mobile don’t take them to another window)
  • Zoom
  • Hippo Video
  • Clientpoint
  • QuickBooks

I have a small sales cycle we don’t have much outbound at all, it's inbound.

My goal is step one, get a damn expert that knows Zapier to advise what tools can do this. I have automation to wrap around processes but not a lot! 

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1 reply

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