SQL Trigger to generate SQL query and save output to Amazon S3 to be emailed

  • 18 May 2021
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Hello everybody. 

I am new to Zapier and would like to create the following workflow:

 1) I want to regularly check if report is ready to send.
So: Trigger: New or updated row in MySQL. 
Let's say trigger noticed the report number 100 is ready. 

2)  Then I am querying SQL 
select * from x 
where project_id= {{project_id. }} (variable).


3)  Then I would like to save output of SQL query to S3. 


4) Then  I want to send an email  with a link to S3. 


Is it doable in Zapier?


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1 reply

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Hi @AndrewZap 

Sometimes it is best to test the integration for desired results. To get you started check out the ways people connect MySQL and Amazon S3

MySQL does have a new row trigger that supports custom queries. 

Amazon S3 has actions for Uploading a File or creating a text document. 

and Zapier supports sending emails with Outlook & Gmail 

so at a high level your integration looks possible but will come down to the specifics of what is returned from each step.