Slack posts showing zapier logo, not bot icon

  • 12 October 2020
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Slack just pushed an update to their platform and now all prior posts that Zapier had made to Slack are showing the Zapier icon instead of the bot icon that’s specified.

Messages that were posted by our Zaps days and weeks ago are now showing the Zapier logo where they were previously showing the Bot Icons associated with the Zap.

No changes have been made to the icons and they’re all still in our workspace.

Is this an issue others are having? Can it be resolved?

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9 replies

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@brianswichkow we’re running into the same issue. Seconding the need for a resolution!

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Same issue here, I am missing the bot icons, it makes it easy to see. 


Screenshot -



I am having this problem too.

My coworker joined the channel I was testing in and correctly saw the bot icons I had selected in the Zap, but I still see the Zapier icon.

The Zapier Zap is connecting to Slack using my account and posting as a bot. Perhaps the account being used to authenticate with Slack is the only account which sees the Zapier star icon.


UPDATE: I see the Zapier icon, one coworker sees the correct bot icons, but another coworker also sees the Zapier icon. It is NOT only the authenticating Slack user that sees the Zapier icon. However, I was able to determine that the behaviour is not consistent, and it does seem to vary by user.

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As of this morning, all of our bot icons are showing again.

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So this was a Slack problem? I had the same issue as Brian before that dates and nowadays. Once the trigger has an attachment it does not display the Bot Name and Icon correctly.

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Hi @Panchato! If you’re still having this trouble then the best thing to do is to contact the Zapier Support Team as they will be able to take a closer look at your Zap with you. You can get int ouch with them using the Get Help form: