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Slack automated reply between certain hours

  • 1 December 2021
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Hello everyone, I’m looking for some assistance on how to use Zapier with Slack to post an auto-reply to any Slack messages posted in a channel between 5pm-8am. Any help or direction on if this is possible and how to accomplish it would be appreciated.



  • User posts message in #example-channel at 5:34pm
  • Zapier checks the message and recognizes it was posted between the hours of 5pm-8am
  • Zapier triggers a custom auto-response message to the user in that Slack channel

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Welcome to the Community, @kthomas! :)

This sort of workflow can be achieved by using a Delay step along with either Filters or Paths. We have some articles in the Community here that explain how to get Zaps to only run at certain times and/or days:

Hopefully this helps to point you in the right direction!