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Shopify to Zippykind integration causing duplicates

  • 1 April 2020
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Hi There,

I have a working shopify (new paid order) to zippykind (new delivery ticket) zap. It seems to have a hiccup every now and again and create a duplicate delivery ticket in zippykind.  I havent been able to nail down anything that seems to be in common in the cases of duplication.  In the zap history, i see it running the same zap on the same new shopiffy order twice about 60 seconds apart.  im somewhat assuming shopify is “notifying” zapier twice for the same new order...but i dont really know what i can begin to invetigate here.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  


Best answer by steph.n 3 April 2020, 10:05

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6 replies

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Hi @samlearner! I just checked on the issue report for this and it looks like a fix was pushed within the last hour. Could you please give the trigger another go and see if works the way that you expect? Thanks!


I’m having htis same issue with the New Paid Order trigger. It’s firing off duplicates, sometimes an hour apart, sometimes a day apart. I don’t really want to switch to “(any status)” because I do want to make sure these orders are paid for when the trigger comes through. Is there any progress on this being resolved?

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Hi @GreyStephenson - Could you give the suggestion mentioned and let me know if it worked? That way, it would give us more context if we need to escalate this issue further for you. Thanks so much!

@steph.n @Darock999 Any resolution with this? What causes the duplicates (mine were being duplicated days after original orders came through). Are we certain changing the trigger to “New Order (Any Status)” works? Thank you!


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Hi @Darock999 - Thanks for replying back to our team.

That’s great that you found a workaround by switching over to Shopify’s New Order (any status) trigger to achieve your Zap.

Thanks again for your patience!

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Hi @Darock999 

This is odd for sure!

I'm going to flag this post for the Zapier Community Team. They should have more insight on this and can escalate to the support team if needed.

Sit tight, and someone will contact you soon.