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Share posts from a Facebook Group to a LInkedIn Group

  • 27 September 2022
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I have s large number of Groups under my username on Facebook, and also a large number of Groups under my username on LinkedIn. 

I would like to share all posts from ONE of my Facebook Groups to ONE of my LinkedIn Groups. How can I do this?

I am new to Zapier (this is my first Zap) so I am still watching tutorial videos and getting my head around how this works.



Best answer by rachael.silvano 3 October 2022, 14:54

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Hi there @Martext and welcome to Zapier! Glad to hear you’re setting up your very first Zap.

Can you tell me if you’ve started building anything in the editor yet? It should look a little like this: 


You can choose a specific account from there, and then the LinkedIn action would be to Create a Share Update. 


Let me know how you’re getting along, and printscreens are always helpful so we can see where you’re at in the building process. 



Thank you Rachael. Screenshot shows the current spot I’m stuck on. I’m not sure what error is being addressed here. When I click the “Troubleshoot error” button, it says that my Zap is missing a required field. Not sure which field is mission. Help appreciated!


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Thanks for coming back in! 


Hm- the way I would interpret that is that Zapier is saying it needs access within the specific group on the Facebook side. I don’t personally have Facebook so I can’t test this theory fully, but my guess would be you ought to go into your group settings, and make sure Zapier is an approved app to access the group. There is a little more info about that here:


Let me know if that gets you on the right track again! 

Thank you Rachael, spot on diagnosis! I’ve got that issue sorted out. Would you mind helping me with the next step?

My project is, every time I post to ONE of my Facebook Groups, that post is automatically posted to ONE of my LinkedIn Groups. In other words, I’m wanting to link and automate one Facebook Group to one LinkedIn group.

I've now successfully selected the ONE Facebook Group I’m wanting to copy posts from, but I can't work out how to select only ONE of my Groups in LinkedIn to post to.

I’ve selected “LinkedIn” as the app for the next step (Step 2) of my Zap. I’m then asked to select either “Create Company Update” or “Create Share Update.” I’ve selected “Create Share Update” as that seems to make the most sense. (Image Below)

Next, I’m asked to log in to my account. The only option is to log in to my entire account. I can’t find a way of only selecting the ONE LinkedIn Group I want the posts to be copied into. (Image Below)

Finally, I’m given a form to fill out. I’m not sure what to put in each field of this form. And I’m not sure how this form helps me to automatically send posts from a Facebook Group to a LinkedIn Group. (Image Below)

I do appreciate your help. I feel like a dunce having to ask for help every step of the way. 




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Hi @Martext 


i dont think you can post to a LinkedIn group using zapier , I believe LinkedIn prohibits such automations. 

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Hi there @Martext - and don’t worry, you’re not alone; setting up your first Zap is complicated at best, and we’ve all been there. 


Unfortunately (and I’m sorry I didn’t catch this earlier to stop you from more confusion!), @MohSwellam is correct- you can only post an update on LinkedIn as a Company (which is different than a personal account). 


It looks like there is a feature request for the Group Update to be added, and I’ve gone ahead and added you as an interested user. I won’t have a timeline that I can tell you it’ll be added by, but by adding you to the list you will be the first to know when it comes to Zapier as an action. 


In the meantime, I’m sorry you spent a bit of time playing with a Zap that we couldn’t cross the finish line with. I hope we can help you make the best of Zapier, and let me know if you have any other questions and I’m happy to keep chatting.