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Setup Zapier with Pipedrive and Zoom link up for creating Zoom meetings

  • 1 April 2020
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Hi all

First time Zapper!

I have just connected Pipedirve and Zoom when scheduling meetings. In Zapier this all tested correctly. However, when I created a meeting it didn’t include the Zoom meeting details. Is there something I need to do in PipeDrive to activate?


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Hi @Dan-MS4L! Hmm, if there’s a Google Hangout in the  Pipedrive Activity after it’s created, that sounds like it’s a setting in Pipedrive. Are you able to take a look and see if there’s a setting where it’s adding the Google Hangouts by default? 


Can you see the Zoom link in the notes? That’s where it should be if that’s the field that you put it in in the Zap. When you say that it looks like it’s still connected to an event, could I trouble you to expand on that? What event is it connected to? Do you have Zoom or Pipedrive connected to your Google Calendar (eg you create a meeting/activity and it adds it to your calendar)? I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the confusion here.


@Nate it says it worked. I created a dummy meeting. However, it still isn’t displaying, the Google Hangout is showing in the description. Plus, it looks like it si attached to a particular event.


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@Dan-MS4L, did it work?

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@Dan-MS4L the third step should as follows:

  1.  Pipedrive - Update Activity:
  2. For Activity select “Custom” and insert the “ID”
  3. Scroll down to notes and enter the Zoom link:

​​​​​​​I hope this helps!  



I really appreciate your response. Can you explain a bit more I am unsure what to include as a third step.

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@Dan-MS4L you’ll need to add a third step in the Zap to update the activity with the Zoom details. 


I really appreciate your response.

Zap Setup


PipeDrive Settings


PipeDrive scheduling an activity


Would it be a conflict related to the integration with my Google Calendar? I ask as a meeting auto populates with a Google Hangout link.


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Hi Dan,

I think I’m going to need some more details about how your Zap is set up in order to help you out. Can you tell me which app is the trigger and then show me a screenshot of the action app, on the screen where you fill in the fields?

That will be super helpful to me so I can troubleshoot this :)