ServiceNow to ZenDesk via Zapier

  • 9 June 2022
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Does anyone have experience connecting ServiceNow to Zendesk via Zapier? One of our customers uses ServiceNow and we need to link their instance to our Zendesk app so we can send updates/attachments back and forth.

We’ve created a Zap that is designed to pull updates from Zendesk and post them to records in ServiceNow. This seems to be working as far as Zapier is concerned, but we’re unable to connect to ServiceNow to test. 

We need to find out how to connect ServiceNow to Zapier so our customer can submit new requests, send updates/public comments, change ticket status, and link attachments. 

On the ServiceNow integration hub, they have several integration “spokes” pre-built for various applications, but not Zapier. (Note: they do have a Zendesk spoke but it only supports user management so this is not going to meet our requirements). 

These are our basic requirements: 

1. Ticket Creation:  

  • ServiceNow to Zendesk 

2. Ticket Updates: 

  • Zendesk to ServiceNow 
  • ServiceNow to Zendesk 

3. Ticket Status Reassignment: 

  • Zendesk to ServiceNow 

4. Resolution: 

  • Zendesk to ServiceNow 

Would appreciate any feedback from the community! 

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Zapier does indeed integrate with ServiceNow - you can see the available triggers and actions here.

When you say you’re not able to connect to ServiceNow, can you please share a bit more detail about what’s happening? Are you not able to see the app in the Editor? Are you getting an error message when you try to connect? Or something else?

You might find this help doc helpful in getting started as well!

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Hi Laurie, 

Thanks for your reply! I was able to connect to ServiceNow through Zapier with username/password and ServiceNow instance URL. I was able to send Zendesk updates via Zapier to a test ServiceNow ticket, which is great. However, I’m having trouble going in the other direction (ServiceNow > Zapier > Zendesk). When creating a trigger for ServiceNow, it looks like the only trigger event is “New Record” (triggers when a new record is created). Is there a way for me to set up Zapier to trigger on new and existing records in ServiceNow?

 Example workflow:

  1. Customer creates a new ticket in ServiceNow
  2. Zapier receives the new record and creates a new ticket in ZD
  3. my team replies to the customer in ZD
  4. Zapier sends a reply to the corresponding ticket in ServiceNow
  5. Customer replies to my team through their ticket in ServiceNow
  6. Zapier receives the update and updates the corresponding ticket in ZD

This would be a common flow back and forth. Is this possible with the ServiceNow integration out of the box? 

If not, can we have the ServiceNow team develop a custom REST API and point it to a Catch Hook in Zapier? 

Would appreciate your feedback!