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Sending same info to multiple actions

  • 20 May 2021
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My evaluation has expired so I wanted to ask a question about multi-step Zaps.

If I have a Zap flow like A->B->C->D and I want to send the same information from, say, action “B” to both C and D, is that possible? I didn’t test this from my 14-day evaluation period, but perhaps Zapier maintains the data from of all previous Zap steps so at any level in your actions, you can pick and choose what data to use?

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Hi @Morkus 

You are correct. If I get data from Step B and want to use it in Step C & D or anywhere else down the chain, I absolutely can!

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Hi @Morkus,

Depending on what zapier plan you have and what exactly you are trying to do with the linked automations, you could use zapier subzaps to run a certain set of actions that could pull data in the middle of the zap. Another option is to send a webhook at the end of each automation that would be the trigger for the following automation and could pass the key variables from the first automation to the next.


One other option would be to use airtable to store the values as a record, and later access that specific record in the other zaps. Again, hard to give a concrete answer because it really depends of what you are trying todo with the automation.


Hope this is helpful.


Happy Zapping! 🤓