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Sending resulting URL to Google Sheet after Uploading video to YouTube

  • 13 April 2021
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Hi all,


I need to upload approx 400+ videos to YouTube as ‘unlisted’.


I’m hoping someone has a better solution to my problem than the annoying one I’ve come up with....


I’ve created a Zap that uploads new videos that appear in a Google Drive folder to my YouTube account. It also uses a Google Sheet to get the correct Title and Description for each video.

However, I need to automate inserting the resulting YouTube URLs back into the Google Sheet row that corresponds to the video that has been uploaded (uniquely identified by it’s description).


The Problem:

The problem seems to arise from the fact my videos need to be published as ‘Unlisted’ - there is no way for a YouTube Zapier plugin to obtain URLs for Unlisted videos. The only workaround I can think of seems to involve playlists...


My Solution:

After the original Zap has uploaded all the videos to the YouTube channel, I manually go into the YouTube studio and add every video to a playlist. Then another Zap that watches said playlist obtains the url from every new addition to the playlist, and using each video’s unique description, it picks out the correct row in a Google Sheet and adds the video’s url to it.


Can anyone think of a better solution that doesn’t involve my manually building a playlist?


BONUS PROBLEM (possibly worse)!

YouTube seems to put a limit on how many videos you may upload to a channel. It has stopped me at approx 100 videos, presenting Zapier with a message "The user has exceeded the number of videos they may upload.".

Does anyone know a way to increase the limit of videos one may upload to YouTube? If not, when does my limit reset?


Any help greatly appreciated!!


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Hi there @ACF - This sounds like you are hitting limitations from YouTube when you see “The user has exceeded the number of videos they may upload.” We recommend contacting YouTube directly about this limitation as we do not set or determine these limits.


As for your request to upload videos as unlisted, we have an open feature request for this. There’s no ETA but I’ve gone and added you to those interested in seeing this feature is available. You will be contacted directly via email sould this feature become available. Thanks!