Sending mail to a list of people with specific field marked

  • 3 March 2022
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I have a Google sheet with +/-3.000 lines containing a column named SendTo.

It can be 0, it can be 3 or even more people who are marked “Ok”

How can I ask my zap to go through the entire list everyday and send a mail to each people where the field SendTo is “Ok” ?

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Hi @DanBen00 

You ought to consider using a proper emailing platform where you can manage Contacts into lists.

Check out these email apps:


You’d be better served using an app such as Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable has Views:

Views have Filters (e.g. SendTo = OK):

Airtable has APIs:

APIs can be used to query for data in a View.

Advanced logic would have to be implemented to handle API pagination limits and looping.